A new Eagle

In September of 2004 when I became a Den leader of a Tiger Cub pack, I could not have dreamed what it would mean 10 years later.  Now the smallest of those 7 Year old Tiger Cubs has become an Eagle Scout.  It was an incredible journey that we celebrated last Friday night in an awesome outpouring of community support.  I love my Troop/Crew!




Here he is at the completion of his Eagle Project at our local Veteran’s Admin. Peace Garden for returning soldiers.







and here he is the day he started! 10 years before!


The Eagle Board of Review- an anxiety producing interview to be sure!



It has been so much fun working with this Eagle.  Just when he thought he was on “Easy Street”, I asked him to take on the stressful role of Senior Patrol Leader and head the Troop for 6 months.  It has stretched him (and Me!). This is from our Fall court of honor. My Newest Eagle is to my left, and the Eagle down front is another special eagle scout who was sharing his experience at the Jamboree, where he was featured as a Scout celebrity after his stint on the Nat. Geo Channel show “Are you tougher than a Boy Scout?”, his nickname on the show is “Toro”.

Anyway, back to our New Eagle, it was a great night!




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