Webelos, Webelos, Webelos

It is an exciting time of year in our Scout Troop and I am still a bit shocked that we have just bridged 12 Webelos into the troop in the last month! I made them stand in front of me for a photo, since in three years most will be taller than my 5’10” (that is really tall for a girl born in 1966!).

Once again I am so lucky and grateful to live in this amazing community, and so appreciative of the cyclical nature of some things. Two of the new scouts (twins) are the sons of a Dad who was once a cub scout in my Dad’s pack back when he was Cub Master in the 1970’s right down the street.

Such sweetness.

They will hit the terrible disregulation of age 13 right as I turn 50- magic! or not.

Cub scouts 1950 den 1

My Uncle Brian in the front with his Cub Den, sometime in the early 1950’s.